Her finner du noen av tekstene jeg har skrevet, oversatt eller gjendiktet.
Tekstene er ordnet alfabetisk i høyre kolonne.

søndag 15. juni 2014

Jesus in our time

When Jesus comes to town and passes down my local street,
Will my neighbours even notice the event?
Yet there's an awesome mystery that all believers meet:
It is me, it is me he has sent!

Our Master has a strategy,
quite radical, by far: 
We are 'Jesus' (3x) 
In our time, Where we are.

When Jesus takes the risk of using me and you today,
I can hardly understand it, but he dares!
Thank God, he's also promised he will guide us on our way,
So I know, so I know that he cares.

When Jesus asks me to reveal his love for all to see,
Will my answer be reliable and true?
'When I walk through your town' he asks 'wherever you may be,
Will they see, will they see me in you?'

Norwegian version written June 2014

I translated it into an English version the same month, however, it was sent to Jenty Fairbanks for her comments, and she came with some very valuable amendments. 

The story behind the song: 
Three weeks before the start of our annual congress in Norway, Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek came to my office and said: "I think we need a theme-song for the congress!" - I seconded the idea, however, I did remind him that it was only three weeks until the event. "It is not a problem", he replied, "You will write the text and I will write the music, but make it radical!" 

A late evening one week later, I sent him the Norwegian version. After less than one hour, I received  a reply with his sheet-music attached. 

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